FS Coffee has arrived

FS Coffee has arrived

We are proud to introduce FS Coffee, a high quality, mould and toxin free, medium roasted coffee, made exclusively for Functional Self.


We source our beans from Coopetarrazu Carrizal, which is a Costa Rican cooperative dedicated to improving the quality of lives in their local surrounding communities. The high altitude, reaching 1750 metres above sea level and the balanced dry climate, means the beans are less likely to be exposed to any kind of toxins.


Flavour profile

We chose the Costa Rica Coopetarrazu Carrizal beans that consist of bourbon and caturra varietals. There are hints of milk chocolate, apple, red grape citric acidity with a round body finish – giving this coffee a great taste on its own, and especially when combined with butter.

All those lucky to have tested FS Coffee said that its strong flavour, coupled with the relative sweetness and that coffee-kick you would expect from such a premium product, is second to none and will rival any excellent quality coffee brand.

Carefully does it

The coffee beans are fully washed and dried before being shipped quickly in GrainPro® bags to our Roaster to prevent moisture breeding mould.  The coffee is then carefully roasted to a medium level to bring out the natural sweetness found in this great product.

On this coffee journey, it has always been important to us that the coffee we are giving you maintains maximum freshness and has a short shelf life (meaning it doesn’t sit on a shelf for a long period of time, like most supermarket brands). That’s why we prepare and ship in small batches, as well as put the exact date of roasting on our packs, so you know the coffee that you are purchasing is as fresh as can be.


Our beans are fully tested for Ochratoxin A, which is one of the most abundant food contaminating, performance robbing mycotoxins. We can proudly say there is none of this toxin in our coffee. So this is a great choice for the health conscious pursuing a clean, chemical and toxin free coffee.

Coffee is high in antioxidants but due to your body not having to deal with toxins as well, you will benefit even more from this coffee. In fact, FS coffee will not make you crash or feel jittery, actually quite the opposite.

If you are trying to reduce your daily load of mould and toxins, this product is for you. The tolerable daily amount for Ochratoxin A is relatively low and if you have other food products in your diet such as ginger, paprika, raisins and wine, it is likely you are already exceeding the recommended limit. If you have a coffee or two a day, or a couple a week, FS coffee is definitely something you should be considering.


FS coffee is ideal for filter plunger and other non-pressurised brew methods. We have it available to purchase exclusively on functionalself.com in 250g bags in whole bean and pre-ground.

Remember that coffee, particularly high quality coffee, is always best taken with a little butter (or ghee) plus some oil – just blend together and enjoy. To find out why, and for a recipe, read more here.

Try it today!