MITOGEN™ is now available from Functional Self

MITOGEN™ is now available from Functional Self

Functional Self now stocks MITOGEN™ to support brain health, energy levels and mitochondrial function.

MITOGEN™ is an Advanced Mitochondrial Support providing energy for the brain and the body, and a welcome addition to our range of high quality brain health and sports performance supplements.

Mitochondria are the ‘powerhouses’ that provide energy at a cellular level, which is of particular importance in the brain where neurons rely on mitochondrial energy production to survive and thrive.

MITOGEN™ provides super nutrients including Sulbutiamine, a derivative of Vitamin B1 that can more easily cross the blood brain barrier and enhances memory and cognitive function.

MITOGEN™ also contains Idebenone and BioPQQ® which enhances mitochondrial biogenesis, the spontaneous production of new mitochondria in aging cells.

MITOGEN is all about energy for the brain and the body.!”

Our experience with this product has shown an increase in athletic energy and mental function. Mitochondria naturally multiply to meet the energy demands of cells, for example during a workout when muscles are repeatedly stimulated. MITOGEN™ provides increased activity in the electron transport chain that mitochondria use to produce ATP energy, the energy currency for the body. With strong mitochondrial support you can expect a boost in energy, concentration and athletic performance.

MITOGEN™ is a great complement to our existing range of mental performance supplements including CILTEP, Ultra Choline, L-Theanine and Brain Octane.