By Ryan Carter, Functional Self Health Coach and Personalised Nutritionist at 

I would love to formally introduce myself to the Functional Self family and customers. I’m Ryan Carter, a registered Nutritional Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Practitioner. Additionally, I’m the founder of Live Vitae, a platform which promotes optimal health with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. 

I’m currently based in central London, United Kingdom, working from a clinic in Harley Street, and I’m also available remotely online around the world.

I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with Functional Self, offering my services as a Nutritionist and Health Coach to you, their customers. Additionally, I’ll be contributing to content with blogs, discussing a range of health topics.  

I have been using Functional Self for a number of years. I first met Brad and Warren, founders of Functional Self, at the Bulletproof conference in 2016, in Pasadena, Los Angeles. 

We hit it off straightaway and I invited them both to the apartment we were renting on Airbnb on Venice, Broadwalk.

From that moment, I have been using Functional Self products myself and also recommend them to my audience and clients. 

Their sourcing of quality products from around the world is phenomenal and their customer service support is the best out there, they really do go beyond. 

If you ask any of my close friends, and even my clients, you would know I am extremely particular with the supplements I recommend. I like to base my supplement recommendations on a detailed assessment on a questionnaire, case history and, most importantly, on quantitative data such as an organic acid test looking at energy, bacteria, gastrointestinal, neurotransmitter, nutrient dependant pathway metabolites, secondly, chemistry blood count looking at red blood cells, white blood cells, cholesterol and other markers or finally a Dutch test looking at hormonal pathways.  

There are certain supplements which the majority of people could utilise. These supplements would have little drug and nutrient interactions or side effects and be generally beneficial to most. I have selected four of my favourite products which are available on Functional Self. 

I have personally used these products and have seen their benefit with my clients. Functional Self does not just offer supplements but also food and drink items, personal care products, and biohacking and tech products.

MY FOUR FAVOURITE FS PRODUCTS…. (in no particular order):  

1. ORGANIC 3 - WAKE UP MAGGIE - Magnesium Powder

One of the best magnesium supplements on the market. This product is endorsed and recommended by Morley Robbins, also known as “Magnesium Man”. 

Mr “Magnesium Man” knows more than anyone about magnesium and that's why he endorses this product, that includes these magnesium forms: 

• Magnesium Taurate
• Magnesium Malate
• Magensium Ororate
• And as a cofactor Boron

The powder is best used for the morning or during the day when needed. We require copious amounts of magnesium to generate energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and magnesium is needed as a cofactor in over 600 enzymatic reactions in the body, such as methylation and activating vitamin D into its active form.

When we have low magnesium status, we are unable to generate adequate energy. Low energy can show up as cramps, gut issues, impaired cognitive function such as concentration and memory, and also frequent urination and excessive thirst or even feeling weak, and poor recovery ability. 

A common study often cited reports at least 70% of the US population does not consume enough magnesium for the RDA (recommended daily intake). It should be noted that the RDA is not an optimal target or functional range.

2. ORGANIC 3 - Oysterzinc 

In an ideal world, everyone would have access to oysters for lunch. However, the convenience has a huge influence on our modern lifestyle decisions. 

I always tell my clients that whole food trumps all supplements. However, when we need a high therapeutic physiological dose or push in the right direction, supplements can definitely help. There is also a subset of the population and clients who find certain foods challenging to consume. These are, typically, liver and oysters.

Oysters are nature’s superfood. They are abundant in protein (amino acids), minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Many anthropologists believe seafood was the reason why humans have our massive, higher processing brains compared to all other animals on the planet.

Oysters are also high in minerals such as copper and zinc in a naturally balanced ratio. Additionally, Oysterzinc is derived from actual oyster meat, nothing synthetic. There are many who believe that synthetics cause more harm than good and I believe that too. 

Oysterzinc is a great option for those who want to ensure a baseline level of nutrient density, the convenience of not having to shuck or hunt oysters down when travelling, or those who are put off by oysters.

I personally tend to use Oysterzinc when travelling, as a backup to my usual nutrient-dense food choices. I notice when I take oysters - be it fresh or from Oysterzinc – that my brain functioning improves, I sleep better and my heart rate variability score improves, all tracked via my Oura ring. 


My top picks from their range include the moisturiser and the clay mask. Once you use their moisturiser, you will not want to put anything else on your face. This is the best quality moisturiser I have found, which works wonders on hydrating, repairing, protecting and soothing the face. 

The ingredients are based on science, discovered by founder Andy Hnilo, and formulated to make a unique proprietary blend which actually works. 

You can tell from the outside that this is the real deal, with care and attention going into detail in using a dark-tinted glass bottle. The product lasts a very long time as you only need to apply a small amount compared to most other brands which feel extremely thick, heavy and never quite feel like it has been absorbed properly.

I use the moisturiser daily, sometimes twice per day, in the morning and before bed. I have noticed improvements in complexion, fewer breakouts and a natural glow. My face never seems to burn when out in the sun for hours.

I am also a huge fan of the Alitura Clay Mask. You can feel the magic as soon as you apply it. I really need to start doing this more or having a weekly routine. When you wash off the mask, your skin feels fresh and there is an increase in circulation and delivery of oxygen to your face.

4. GI DETOX by Bio-Botanical Research

There are multiple binders on the market which work by catching and pulling out charged “toxins” particles from the GI tract. The typical one most think of is activated charcoal which does work. However, what if the toxin is not attracted to activated charcoal?

That’s where GI Detox comes in. It has multiple spectra of binders:

Activated charcoal, apple pectin, Silica, Zeolite Clay, Aloe Vera, humic and Fulvic acid.

This allows for greater ability to ensure multiple toxins can be escorted from the body safely, whether it is heavy metals such as mercury or cadmium, endotoxins or, ammonia. Additionally, I use it as a precautionary step when working with a client on an antimicrobial phase to mitigate any release of biofilms.

Being in capsule form it is handy to carry around with you in a pillbox. A binder is best taken away from food, typically 1-2 hours either side, and with plenty of fluid. Bio-Botanical Research is well respected in the industry for its botanical and natural approach in formulating supplements. I have used this several times over the years and it works a charm. Finally, a binder should not be used long term and should be treated as a short-term intervention.


Ryan is a certified health coach, personal trainer and a registered nutritionist. He is soon to become a registered nutritional therapist qualified with the Institute for Optimal Nutrition (DipION) and registered with mBANT CNHC. You can find out more or get in touch with Ryan over on our health coaching page. Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation, to understand what specific areas need addressing and what the next steps are to get your health on track.