Functional Self is delighted to announce the arrival of Dr Hisham’s Holistic Oral Care system, to help you care for your dental health, oral microbiome and complete wellbeing.

Your oral microbiome contains a vast ecosystem of microbes that work together to protect your teeth, gums and overall health. While many dental products focus on sterilising the mouth, Dr Hisham’s formulas help to support healthy oral microbial balance by alkalising, nourishing and prebiotically protecting your teeth.

Dr Hisham’s innovative oral care system promotes a healthy oral microbiome by nourishing the community of beneficial microbes found in the mouth. The latest research on the oral microbiome has shown that oral infections are caused by a ‘consortia of organisms.. rather than a single pathogen(1). There are an estimated 500 - 700 distinct microbial species that make up the oral microbiome in our mouths, and further research is ongoing to identify and understand these communities as part of the Human Oral Microbiome Project.  We wrote more about the human microbiome in our recent blog, The Human Microbiome and why it matters.  

The ability to nourish the beneficial microbial species that make up the oral microbiome is a significant step towards better oral health and complete wellbeing. Although we treat modern dentistry and medicine as separate entities, your oral health and overall wellbeing are strongly linked(2). The oral cavity is the gateway to the human body and has been described by researchers as a “mirror that reflects the health of the individual(3).  There is a growing body of evidence which links the microbiome in the mouth to a number of health issues including cardiovascular disease, strokes and diabetes(4).

As well as nourishing the microbes in your mouth, Dr Hisham’s oral care system also promotes a healthy lining of the mouth which is known as ‘oral mucosa’.  Your oral mucosa is the membrane lining inside your mouth, which contains an outer layer and underlying connective tissue, and plays host to your own unique collection of microbes.

Dr Hisham’s formulas harness the healing properties plant-sourced ingredients, organic oils and bio-minerals that are completely natural, while eliminating all unnecessary harmful toxins you may find in other personal care products. The ingredients found in Dr Hisham’s products are 100% vegan, keto, organic and are physiologically natural for your body. Dr Hisham’s use evidence-based formulations that work in harmony with nature and your symbiotic microbiome.

The food-grade ingredients in the Dr Hisham’s range include biome-friendly organic coconut oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, NZ Manuka & Tea Tree oils, bio-active plant fibers like Birch Xylitol & NZ Totarol, fortified with essential Biominerals & Vitamins K2 and D3.  

At Functional Self we choose our suppliers very carefully and are delighted to have these products available for you to improve your oral health and overall wellbeing. The Dr Hisham’s range includes:

  • Dr Hisham's Vital Teeth Serum - Prebiotic, Alkaline, Food-grade, Natural Non-toothpaste for everyone. Safe to ingest, without any unnecessary additives, fillers or toxic substances.
  • World's Best Bio-Bamboo Toothbrush - Fully custom designed by Dr Hisham to help you replace the billions of nasty non-recyclable plastic brushes, thrown away every single year. The toothbrush has a great design with super soft bristles to gently and thoroughly clean your gums and teeth, without abrasion, irritation or sensitivity. The bamboo is non-fumigated and double baked at 200C to create beauty and safety, by avoiding methyl bromide fumigation that most commercial bamboo has to go through.
  • Dr Hisham's Alkaline Mouth Rinse 500ml - This prebiotic formulation helps suppress bad bacteria and  instead express beneficial bio-flora. This is an actively cleansing rinse that helps to break down plaque biofilm, and banishes bad breath by deactivating bad bacteria & VSC’s. The rinse creates healthy alkaline oral balance, helps prevent tooth decay and cavities and soothes sensitive teeth and sore gums.
  • Dr Hisham’s Dental Vital Mints are the world's 1st bio-mineral supplement for your mouth and teeth. These natural breath mints are a unique blend of alkaline bio-minerals and plant fibres that are proven to prebiotically promote balance in the ecosystem inside your mouth.



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