Do you have a health problem you would like to offload? Perhaps something affecting your digestion, sleep, or energy levels throughout the day?

Our experienced health coaches can help you find out the underlying cause of your most persistent health issues. We can get you started by running lab testing. This will help to identify any food sensitivities or hidden internal stressors that may be weakening you. We really get to know you and work together to create a tailored, holistic health plan. We would review your lifestyle, environmental, nutrition, sleep and fitness needs. Our goal is to empower you to make positive lasting changes to your health and wellbeing.

A health coach can help you navigate your way to better health

Through health coaching you can:  

  • Learn which foods are beneficial for your body
  • Find out how to follow a satisfying and nutrient-dense eating plan that you love
  • Discover which foods are inflammatory to your digestive system, skin and overall health
  • Find out which nutrients you may need to promote good sleep
  • Learn how to heal your gut and promote healthy gut function
  • Identify your individual chronotype to improve your sleep and energy levels
  • Learn how to implement a varied exercise plan that is sustainable and enjoyable
  • Identify any hidden stressors and implement new stress management tools
  • Find out your personalised supplementation requirements at a cellular level

Our health coaching service provides access to lab testing, which helps us to identify any nutrient deficiencies and foods that you may be reacting to at this time. We help you to prioritise your health goals and stay on track throughout the year.

Your personalised health plan will include advice around:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Rest and how to sleep optimally
  • Exercise and how to create a sustainable fitness plan
  • Stress reduction and stress management tools tailored for you
  • Supplementation including what you do need and what you don’t need

This holistic health protocol is also known as DRESS: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction, Supplementation.   D.R.E.S.S. was developed by Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  

To find out more please get in touch on our health coaching page.