Like everything we do at Functional Self, our recipes have been designed to help you achieve your optimal state. The foods we eat impact our energy levels, mood and cognitive ability, as well as supporting a healthy gut microbiome. We wanted to create a recipe series that focuses on nutrient-dense real foods that will help you reach your highest level of health and vitality. Functional Self recipes are packed full of nourishing ingredients and will help to provide a clear path ahead for clean eating, regardless of your starting off point.  


Nut Milk  

• Level: Easy 
• Time: 12 hours soaking time + 10 minutes to strain 
• Makes: 1 litre 

It is very easy to make your own nut milk. All you need are nuts, water, a blender, and a nut milk bag (or muslin cloth). Simply soak the nuts overnight and then it’s 10 minutes to make from there. If you wish to make milk that is nut- free you can use ready peeled tiger nuts instead. This recipe makes 1 litre of nut milk which will keep in the fridge for up to 4 days in a sealed glass jar or bottle. 


• 200g raw almonds, cashews, or tiger nuts (for nut-free milk)  
• Filtered/mineral water 


1. Soak the nuts in a bowl with 500ml water overnight / 12 hours.  

2. If using almonds, it is ideal to peel them at this point. It is easiest to do this by rubbing them with your fingers in a bowl of water and putting each one to the side once peeled.  

3. Add the nuts to a blender with 800ml water and blitz until smooth.  

4. Strain the blended nut mixture through a nut milk bag. Twisting the top tightly will enable you to squeeze out maximum milk.  

5. Refrigerate in a glass bottle/jar for up to 4 days.