Bobble presse (black)

Perfect Coffee Every Time

Bobble presse (black)


Durable with no plastic. Will keep your drink hot for hours.

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The Bobble presse brewer is a simple yet superb piece of engineering which contains a 2-piece nested stainless steel press with silicone heat-resistant lid. The secret to the Bobble presse brewer is in the specially designed plunging mechanism. Instead of the normal mesh filter found in a French press that bends and warps letting coffee grinds through, the Bobble presse uses a sturdy metal filter and a double silicone gasket to ensure you get a very clean cup of your favourite brew.

The Bobble presse coffee brewer is made of stainless steel and silicone, so you won’t break it when you need it most, unlike a fragile glass plunger. The Bobble presse coffee brewer will keep your drink hot for a long time like an insulated travel mug. It is also simple to clean as there is no fiddly mesh to worry about like a French press.

The Bobble presse coffee brewer holds 400ml, is top drawer dishwasher safe and is also great for brewing coffee or loose leaf tea.

Transfer into your Travel mug to shake yourself a Bulletproof® coffee.

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