C360 Revive

Mens Anti-Aging Antioxidant formula

C360 Revive


One of the safest and most potent anti-inflammatory compounds for immune support, which is 270 times stronger than Vitamin C.

C360 Revive from C360Health is a powerful natural antioxidant formula with the highest-density of carbon 60 fullerenes to help you combat inflammation and increase vitality. Designed for men, Revive is created via a patented process that significantly boosts the level of C60 lipofullerene giving you the best defense against oxidative damage. Fight inflammation while improving stamina, energy, muscle definition and overall wellbeing.


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C360 Revive is formulated using all natural ingredients including organic olive oil with proprietary ingredients that promote health and wellbeing. Revive contains Carbon 60, an extremely small molecule which is made up of 60 carbon atoms in a cage-like sphere shape, not dissimilar to a soccer ball. Also referred to as C60 fullerenes, this molecule has great potential for improving health and wellbeing because of it’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Preventing oxidative damage is crucial to healthy ageing, making C60 a compelling way of optimising health, vitality, longevity and healthspan.

What makes Revive special?
C360 Revive is created from a patented, proprietary that binds super anti-oxidant carbon60 with carefully selected cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, along with, effective natural anti-inflammatory ingredients Serratiopeptidase, L-Carnosine and Coq10.

Formulas containing Carbon60 may also help with resistance to chemical toxicity, improve gut health and are currently being researched as a potential treatment for osteoarthritis.

C360 Revive contains a saturation of 1.2 mg/ml creating a unique olive oil based C60 lipofullerene.

Administer a starting dose of C360 Revive orally once daily for 10 consecutive days, then continue with a reduced daily maintenance dose. For best result, store product upside down. Before use, shake product until there is no sediment around the top of the bottle. Best taken in the morning.

C360 Revive


Active Ingredients:
Lipofullerene          95%
Serratiopeptidase   2%
L-Carnosine           2%
CoQ10                  1%


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