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Earthling 3.0

Earthling 3.0 - Erthe Straps

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Earthling 3.0

Earthling 3.0 - Erthe Straps

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Get all the benefits of grounding with Earthling 3.0’s latest wearable technology.

  • Modern rubber soled shoes prevent us from being grounded by the earth’s negative charge.

  • Attach to one shoe of your favourite footwear.

  • Allows you to discharge built-up static electricity when on Includes 2 x Erthe Straps.

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    Earthling 3.0 - Erthe Straps

    Detailed product information

    Erthe is the latest wearable technology from Earthling 3.0. It gives you access to all the benefits of grounding, all while wearing your favourite footwear.  

    Erthe is a ruggedised, electrically-conductive strap that fits onto any shoe and bypasses the rubber sole, thereby “grounding” you and resolving the electrical tension. (Suitable for soft rubber sole walking, running, sport shoes or playing boots and cleats) 

    Each pack includes 2 x erthe straps. 

    Please note: The small tab is the only part that is meant to come in contact with the ground. The main stem (connecting part of the strap) should not come in contact with the ground (see image). 

    Small tab on the sole 

    Peel back the blue liner and stick smaller end on area where shoe cleaner has been applied. Ensure that as little of the middle stem section is fitted under the shoe (as pictured). Once in position, hold in place with firm pressure for 2 mins. Tip: for maximum durability, check an old pair of shoes and avoid the parts of the sole that tend to get worn down the most. 

    Main stem 

    The main stem should be stuck to side wall of the shoe. Don’t leave any slack: keep the device stuck tightly to the wall of your shoe as you wrap it up and inside your shoe. 

    Large tab Inside the shoe 

    The best place for the large tab is on top of your insole, under your heel. If that’s not possible, you can place it along the inner-back, inner-side, or even under the insole, as long as your foot (or sock) presses up against it. Once in place, put your shoe on, tie it up tight and stand in it for 30 seconds to apply pressure and strengthen the bond. If possible, wait 48 hours before engaging in intense activity in your shoes 

    Manufactured by:
    Earthling 3.0 Pty Ltd.,
    104 Frome Street
    Adelaide, SA, 5000

    Imported by:
    GBC Trading Ltd
    20-22 Wenlock Road
    London, N1 7GU
    United Kingdom

    FS Expert Review

    Earthling 3.0 - Erthe Straps

    5.0 / 5

    BY: Tim Biohacker

    “Grounding is the third most important bio hack of all in my opinion, and seeing that you can’t walk around barefoot everywhere, the Erthe shoe straps combat this problem immediately. I love’em!”

    Brad Johnston founding partner of Functional Self

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