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Artisan Roasted Lab Tested Coffee

FS Coffee Regular - Whole Bean large


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Costa Rican high altitude beans with a great flavour profile. Lab tested coffee.


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We are proud to introduce FS Coffee, a high quality, lab tested, medium roasted coffee, made exclusively for Functional Self! We selected the Costa Rica Coopetarrazu Carrizal for its milk chocolate, apple and red grape citric acidity with round body. Roasted to a medium level so as to bring out the natural sweetness found in this great coffee, it is ideal for filter plunger and other non-pressurised brew methods.

This fully washed coffee is grown between 1650 and 1750 masl and consists of Bourbon and Caturra varieties.

Whole bean for freshness and also available as Ground for your convenience

Either brew as you would standard coffee, or use it to create Bulletproof style coffee.

How to put butter in your coffee, the Bulletproof way.

Make Bulletproof stlye coffee right and you’ll feel the difference with your first cup.

Step 1: Brew

Choose your favorite brewing method and use 2 1⁄2 Tablespoons (37ml) freshly ground beans for every 236ml of water. (French Press is recommended)

Step 2: Add the Fat

Add 1 Tbsp of grass-fed, unsalted butter.

If you’re new to a high fat coffee, add 1 tsp (5 ml) Bulletproof Brain Octane oil to your coffee, gradually increasing each day up to 1 Tbsp. Blend for 20–30 seconds until it’s creamy and frothy.

Drink. Energize. Perform.

Side note: We here at Functional Self love to add a little Great Lakes Collagen to our coffee for a little bit of protein in the morning.

1kg of Whole Bean High Altitude Costa Rica Mould Free Coffee


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