Chocolate Fuel Bars - Original Flavour

Delicious and Guilt-Free Snack

Chocolate Fuel Bars - Original Flavour


Upgraded decadent flavor, with improved silky texture made using only Bulletproof tested and approved ingredients. Great tasting, sugar-free dark chocolate (78%) sweetened with a non-GMO xylitol Enriched with Bulletproof ® XCT Oil.

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Your new Bulletproof® snack option is here! Bulletproof® Chocolate Bars are made from the best organic raw cocoa powder and cacao butter available. These chocolate bars are sugar-free, low-glycaemic alternatives to the low quality, sugary chocolate bars you can find anywhere. This is truly a Bulletproof® way to have a snack break in the middle of the day without feeling guilty, or dealing with the negative health effects of having too much sugar.

Each box contains three bars. Net weight is 168g.

Keep in mind your shipping destination’s weather, as Chocolate Fuel Bars can melt when exposed to heat.

WARNING: Chocolate is bad for dogs. Xylitol is FATAL for dogs. Should a dog consume this product call a vet immediately.

A guilt-free snack between meals.

Ingredients: Bulletproof® Chocolate Poweder (organic raw cacoa powder), Bulletproof® Cacao Butter (organic raw cacao butter), Upgraded Sweet™ (non-gmo xylitol from American hardwood and non-gmo erythritol), Bulletproof® XCT™ Oil (Caprlic and Capric Acids (sourced from coconut and/or palm kernel), VanillaMax™(ground Madagascar vanilla beans).

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