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Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas - Hair Lab Test

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Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas - Hair Lab Test

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Critically evaluate your personalised health indicators with this non-evasive hair test kit.

  • More accurate than other traditional testing methods.
  • Delivers comprehensive information on your mineral deficiencies, imbalances and heavy metals.
  • Learn valuable insight into your metabolic activity, adrenal function, thyroid function, and parathyroid activity.

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Upgraded Formulas - Hair Lab Test

Detailed product information

Are you tired and don’t know why? Not feeling 100% yourself?

IDENTIFY your deficiencies. Learn exactly what your body needs...

Say goodbye to painful blood draws and messy urine tests.

Blood and urine typically indicate a short-term result, while hair is the best identifier of tissue mineral status and heavy metal toxicity.

This important data provides metrics crucial to understanding your baseline health. Save time, money, and hassle, so you no longer need to go to the clinic or doctor to treat symptoms.

Learn how to implement changes to overcome the root cause of health issues and how to properly take care of your body.

You can now equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make SMART decisions about your health.

Upgraded Formulas provide crucial data metrics to understanding your baseline health.

Upgraded Formulas hair test kit reports on 7 crucial health metric areas:

      1) Key minerals - Balanced levels are critical for over a thousand bodily functions.
      2) Heavy metals - Higher levels may be toxic to your health. The first step to better health is knowing your levels. 
      3) Metabolism - Understanding metabolism is significant in knowing how the body converts what you eat and drink into energy.
      4) Hormone levels - Testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen are affected by zinc and copper levels. This determines mood, energy, follow through and focus.
      5) Thyroid function - Calcium and potassium offer a great insight into thyroid function for more insight into what can be changed to feel more energised.
      6) Adrenal function - Sodium and magnesium levels offer great insight into our energy levels, stress tolerance, and how quickly we bounce back from workouts and life’s hurdles. Very valuable to understand and improve.
      7) Immune function - Zinc, copper, and iron ratios show how much the immune system needs support. By understanding this through Upgraded Formulas consultations to get a picture of how susceptible we are to a viral or bacterial infection.


Save money on supplements

Upgraded Formulas hair test results will show you the vitamins and nutrients you have in deficiency or excess. They've had many customers purchasing hundreds of dollars of vitamins only to discover that they weren't treating the root cause of their health issues. With this test, you'll know exactly what you need to do to put your health back on track.

How else will you know if you actually need to be taking any of the supplements you're paying for? In some cases, hair test results reveal they can actually be harming your health because you were already overloaded. Calcium is a common mineral that you may be overconsuming.

In that case, you would be paying for a supplement that is costing you your vitality, energy, and good mood. So what does Upgraded Formulas recommend?

Well, it's true that getting a hair mineral analysis test is one of the best things you can do for your health. In fact, these hair tests are more accurate than blood or urine tests for your mineral deficiency, heavy metal toxicity, and metabolism.

Your hair sample can reveal a lot about your health. Hair test results include your levels of nutritional elements such as Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium. They’ll show your levels of heavy metals, and any extra elements inside your hair that reflect your body’s current state.

Purchase your hair test today!

Collecting your hair sample will only take a few minutes. Scalp hair is the ideal source location, but pubic and underarm hair is satisfactory as well. A heaping tablespoon of hair is enough to tell you all you need to know about your health.

Keep out of reach of children. 

Manufactured by:
Upgrades Formulas, LLC
300 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas, 78704-1055

Imported by:
Functional Self Limited
20-22 Wenlock Road
London, N1 7GU
United Kingdom


Your questions answered

2 HEAPING TABLESPOONS FULL. You can also use a larger soup spoon to measure your sample. This will ensure that the lab will have enough hair to test.

Upgraded Formulas do accept treated hair. Dyed hair is not preferred, but the false positives it causes have been found to be unimportant overall. Since it does not disrupt the key minerals we are looking at, it is much more important to have the test done sooner rather than later - because doing so means you begin to act on better information about your health as soon as you can. Please include as much information as you can about what type of dye was used. You can also use hair from other areas of your body, as explained in the test kit.

It's recommended that you test quarterly, every 90 days or 3 months after you receive the lab results to stay consistent with changes.

This enables you to implement an action plan to address any issues that are identified in the test. The retest enables you to track progress. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your results.

Human hair contains the following nutritional elements. Additionally, each of these nutrients and heavy metals provides nearly 1000 more data per element than blood testing:

Calcium (Ca) Copper (Cu) Magnesium (Mg) Molybdenum (Mo) Sodium (Na) Potassium (K) Zinc (Zn) Phosphorus (P) Iron (Fe) Manganese (Mn) Chromium (Cr) Selenium (Se) Sulfur (S) Heavy Metals Mercury (Hg) Lead (Pb) Cadmium (Cd) Arsenic (As) Aluminum (Al) Beryllium (Be) Antimony (Sb) Uranium (U)

Other important elements such as Vanadium can also be found. Your hair can show you the entire periodic table.

Brad Johnston founding partner of Functional Self

Need help understanding what’s right for you?

Each and every one of us is different, as are our supplement needs, that’s why at Functional Self we have a dedicated team of health-coaching professionals available to help you find exactly what’s right for you.

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