14-15 September, London Olympia

This September, Functional Self is heading to The Health Optimisation Summit in London, and we’d love for you to join us! It’s a new health industry-changing event that will give you the tools and knowledge to optimise your mind, body and environment. 

Hear from the biggest names in the biohacking, health, fitness, nutrition and medical space; including Dave Asprey, Ben Pakulski, Aubrey De Grey, Dr Mark Atkinson, Amy Killen.

The topics include: 

• Mind: psychological health and flow, brain training, neurofeedback, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, and nootropics

• Body: gut and liver, sleep and circadian rhythms, stem cell therapy, heavy metal and toxicities, nutrition and diets, sexual health, fertility & hormones, genetics, physical performance, movement and body composition, and oral and dental health.

• Environment: epigenetics, air, oxygen and breathing, light, EMF, mould, water and hydration, nature, cold thermogenesis, agricultural, environmental and food chain sustainability.

You'll also have access to 50 highly-curated exhibitors, all focused on optimising your health. 

Want to join us? Get 20% off with code: FUNCTIONALSELF 

Hope to see you there!