Dr Hisham's Brand Overview

Dr Hisham's Oral Health Revolution

Dr Hisham's has pioneered a belief that stands out: the foundation of true health begins in the mouth. This led to the birth of the world's first dentist-made holistic oral health care system, a perfect blend of meticulous design and all-encompassing well-being. By asking the innovative question, "What if oral care products also acted as health supplements?", Dr Hisham's reshaped the landscape of oral care.

Holistic Oral Care from New Zealand

In the untainted environments of New Zealand, each product from Dr Hisham's is a testament to holistic balance and nature's purity. Every ingredient, handpicked with precision, ensures formulations that are 100% Vegan, Keto, Organic, and Physiologically Natural. Rejecting the norms, Dr Hisham's stands as a beacon of innovative oral care, offering products free from harmful additives. The Vital Teeth Serum is the epitome of this commitment - a groundbreaking non-toothpaste serum that benefits both its users and our planet.

Signature Features of Dr Hisham's Natural Oral Care Products

Dr Hisham's isn't just about oral hygiene; it's a holistic health promise. The products not only actively cleanse, breaking down plaque and neutralising bad breath bacteria, but they also provide a plethora of benefits like:

  • Promoting a healthy alkaline oral environment.
  • Shielding teeth from decay, cavities, and acid-induced erosion.
  • Offering relief to sensitive teeth and inflamed gums.
  • Stimulating natural saliva production.
  • And most notably, nurturing a balanced oral microbiome with their unique prebiotic essence.

Dr Hisham's unwavering commitment to the environment shines in every facet, from eco-friendly ingredients to sustainable packaging, ensuring users receive products free from harmful agents.

Dentist-Made and Family-Loved: Dr Hisham's Teeth Serums

The trust placed in Dr Hisham's Vital Teeth Serum and Baby Teeth Serum spans professionals and families alike. Many dentists and hygienists, recognising the brand's commitment to holistic health, not only use these serums for their families but also recommend them to their patients. Rooted in nature and backed by science, Dr Hisham's serums offer a unique approach to oral care that resonates with professionals and households.

The Dr Hisham Guarantee: Natural, Effective, Eco-Friendly Oral Care

At the heart of the brand lies Dr Hisham's promise: a commitment to products that mirror nature in their purity, efficacy, and sustainability. With a belief that a vibrant life starts with a radiant, healthy smile, Dr Hisham invites everyone to embark on a journey towards comprehensive oral health where nature, innovation, and wellness converge seamlessly.