TrueDark® Brand Overview

What is TrueDark®?

TrueDark® is a pioneering company in the realm of performance and sleep technology. They provide scientifically validated, health-centric products designed to optimise your sleep and performance.

TrueDark®'s products are grounded in the science of circadian rhythms - the body's natural sleep-wake cycle. Our bodies respond to light cues in our environment to regulate this cycle. During the day, exposure to bright, blue light keeps us alert and awake. However, in the evening, our bodies expect a shift towards warm, red light and darkness as a signal to prepare for sleep.

By selectively blocking different wavelengths of light, TrueDark®'s glasses and devices help align your exposure to light with your body's natural circadian rhythms.

Blue Light Protection: The TrueDark® Promise

Our lives have become intrinsically entwined with digital screens, introducing a modern health concern – exposure to excessive blue light. Herein lies the essence of TrueDark® – an innovator in blue light protection.

Harnessing the latest science and technology, TrueDark® has curated a collection dedicated to mitigating the effects of our increasingly digitiszed lifestyles. With a focus on blue light protection, our offerings combat the detrimental impact of excessive screen exposure, helping you regain control of your sleep-wake cycle.

Revolutionising Sleep with Blue Light Blockers

Poor sleep quality and disrupted circadian rhythm are common by- products of our screen-saturated world. This is where TrueDark's patented blue light blockers come into play, providing a tangible solution for modern-day light pollution.

These blue light blockers, crafted with precision, are not just a product, but a promise – a promise to restore your natural sleep patterns, re-establish your internal biological clock, and enhance overall well-being. These blue blockers work by filtering out the harsh blue light emitted from electronic devices, effectively transforming your evening routine and sleep quality.

Red Light Therapy: A Powerful Ally for Health and Wellness

Beyond merely shielding your eyes from harmful light, TrueDark® brings forth the transformative potential of red light therapy.

Red light therapy, a breakthrough in the wellness industry, leverages the power of specific light wavelengths to stimulate cellular function, promote healing, and boost energy levels. Our scientifically validated red light therapy devices offer an effortless and non-invasive way to support overall health, complementing our mission of delivering comprehensive light control solutions.

Comparing TrueDark® with Other Brands

When it comes to performance and sleep technology, there are several brands on the market. But TrueDark® stands out due to its focus on scientifically validated solutions and innovative product design.

Many standard blue light blocking glasses only block a fraction of the blue light spectrum. TrueDark® Daylights, however, go above and beyond by filtering out the specific wavelengths that cause the most disruption to your circadian rhythms during the day.

In the evening, while some brands offer glasses that block a portion of blue and green light, TrueDark® Twilights block 100% of these light wavelengths. This comprehensive approach to light blocking is one of the factors that sets TrueDark® apart from the competition.

TrueDark® Vs. Standard Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Standard blue light blocking glasses typically filter out a percentage of blue light, and they can be effective in reducing digital eye strain. However, they often don't filter out the specific wavelengths that are most disruptive to your focus and mood during the day, nor do they provide the comprehensive blue and green light blocking needed in the evening to support quality sleep.

TrueDark®'s Daylights and Twilights, on the other hand, are designed to filter and block the light wavelengths that are most disruptive to your body's natural rhythms at the appropriate times of the day.

TrueDark® Vs. Other Sleep Improvement Products

There are numerous sleep improvement products on the market, from supplements to white noise machines. While these can be beneficial, they don't address the root cause of many sleep issues: exposure to disruptive light wavelengths at inappropriate times.

TrueDark® addresses this fundamental issue by helping to align your light exposure with your body's natural circadian rhythms. When used in conjunction with other good sleep practices, TrueDark® products can be part of a comprehensive approach to improving sleep quality.

How to Use TrueDark® Products for Best Results

For the best results with TrueDark® glasses, wear the Daylights whenever you're exposed to artificial blue light during the day, especially during prolonged screen time. In the evening, start wearing the Twilights 2-3 hours before bedtime to prepare your body for sleep.

TrueDark® Customer Support

If you have any questions about TrueDark® products or need help troubleshooting any issues, our Functional Self customer support team is available to assist. They can be reached through the contact us page.