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BlockBlueLight - ScreenTime Taylor Black

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BlockBlueLight - ScreenTime Taylor Black

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Special Price £45.47 Regular Price £64.95

30% off

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Banish eye strain with these sleek computer glasses.

  • Specialised ‘ClearBlue Lens’ technology offers optical-grade, superior eye protection.
  • Filters out 50% of blue light across the entire blue light spectrum (400nm-500nm).
  • Clear lens ensures minimal colour distortion.
  • Fashionable frames made with spring hinges.

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BlockBlueLight - ScreenTime Taylor Black

Detailed product information

Are you tired of spending hours in front of screens every day, only to be left with sore, tired eyes, headaches, and blurred vision?

Banish digital eye strain with this stylish solution – BlockBlueLight’s ScreenTime Premium Daytime Filter Glasses!

    • Wearability: Daytime

    • Spectrum blocked: 400nm-500nm

    • Perfect for: High-screen time exposure

Designed specifically for those who spend significant periods of time in front of screens, these blue light glasses filter out harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices and other artificial light sources, using BlockBlueLight’s specialised ClearBlue Lenses. These lenses filter 50% of blue light across the entire blue light spectrum, from 400nm-500nm, to alleviate all those pesky symptoms.

But what really sets BlockBlueLight apart from the competition is their ClearBlue Lens technology, which filters 50% of blue light at 455 nanometers – the most energetic, damaging light emitted from screens, LEDs, and other modern lighting. That's right, while other companies only block 15%-20% of blue light from 400-430nm, BlockBlueLight takes it to the next level, blocking out the most harmful light where it matters most.

And to make sure you're protected day and night, BlockBlueLight recommends using their Night-time Blue Light Blocking Glasses for deep and restful sleep.


Your questions answered

Whether you're a student, gamer, remote worker, or office worker, BlockBlueLight glasses are the ultimate solution to take your screen time experience to the next level.

Featuring ClearBlue lens technology, which filters out 50% of harmful blue light at the 455 nanometer range, the most energetic and damaging light emitted from screens, LEDs, and modern lighting. Unlike other companies, BlockBlueLight don't just block out 5% - 15% of blue light; they go the extra mile to ensure the most harmful wavelengths of blue light are eliminated, so you can say goodbye to eye strain, migraines, and macular degeneration, and hello to crystal clear vision without any colour distortion.

BlockBlueLight have designed their glasses to provide optimal protection and comfort for your eyes, so you can focus on your work, games, or entertainment without any distractions or discomfort.

Many people find sleeping challenging after a long, hard day on the screen. Daytime glasses help to reduce digital eye strain during the day, but they will not adequately prepare your body for deep REM sleep cycles. To optimise your sleep, you need a pair of night-time 'NightFall' blue blocking glasses that block 100% blue and green light up to 550nm.

Why is this the case?

Daytime glasses aren't designed to block all blue light, but rather to filter it down to more natural daytime levels. So, any amount of blue light at night signals to the brain that it's daytime, disrupting your circadian rhythm and preventing you from getting the rest you need.

If you want to unwind, relax in the evening, and get a deep, restful sleep, a pair of night-time blue blocking glasses is essential. Wear them after sunset and throughout your evening routine.

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