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Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas - Chromium Plus 59ml - B/B 31 Mar 2026

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£23.77 per serving

Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas - Chromium Plus 59ml - B/B 31 Mar 2026

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Special Price £23.77 Regular Price £33.95

30% off

£23.77 per serving

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BBE 31-Mar-2026

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A high-potency chromium supplement in an easy-to-take liquid form.  

  • Stabilised nano minerals ensure 99.99% absorption of chromium.  
  • It may support metabolism, blood sugar levels, insulin management, hormone balance, adrenal gland support, reduction in hunger and cravings, and the utilisation of the nutrients. 
  • 100% natural, organic, gluten-free, keto-friendly and vegan-friendly. 

59ml - 1 Servings approx

Upgraded Formulas - Chromium Plus 59ml - B/B 31 Mar 2026

Detailed product information

Unique Proprietary Absorption Method 
99.99% Absorption Rate 
Maximum Bioavailability 


Micromineral chromium has grabbed public attention lately due to several surprising benefits discovered by researchers. Even though the body only requires a small amount of chromium, it's essential for general health and well-being.

One of the most interesting benefits of chromium is its ability to reduce food cravings. Chromium helps to regulate insulin activity, which in turn helps to control blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels are stable, it can help to reduce the urge to overeat and snack between meals. As a result, it can help to support weight loss by controlling calorie intake.

Another benefit of chromium is that it can help to improve blood sugar control in individuals with diabetes or prediabetes. By helping to regulate insulin activity, chromium can help to improve glucose uptake in the cells and reduce the risk of hyperglycemia and other diabetes-related complications.

In addition to chromium, Upgraded Formulas - Chromium Plus also contains a blend of vitamin C and trace minerals that work synergistically to further support weight loss and healthy blood sugar balance.

Overall, chromium is a powerful dietary supplement designed to support metabolism, blood sugar levels, insulin management, hormone balance, adrenal gland support, reduction in hunger and cravings, and supports the utilisation of the nutrients you consume.

While you can try to get chromium from food sources, it's poorly absorbed in the digestive system. As a result, you'll only be able to absorb about 2.5% of the chromium you eat from foods. And a conventional chromium supplement does not absorb well.   

Upgraded Chromium Plus with its stabilised nano mineral technology has been developed with small and stable nano particles to provide maximum bioavailability and improved symptom relief. It's absorbed at a rate of 99.99% and bypasses the digestive system when absorbed.

What are the common signs of chromium deficiency?  

  •     Significant energy crashes during the day  
  •     Feelings of being carb intolerant and getting sleepy after carb-heavy meals 
  •     Not being able to focus or concentrate after meals  
  •     Feeling wired and tired  
  •     Low motivation during the day 
  •     Feeling easily irritable  
  •     Higher levels of inflammation in the body  
  •     Difficulty losing weight unless you go on a very low carb diet  

Upgraded Formulas provides:    

  •  Fast-acting relief and results: Every other mineral supplement available is too large to be absorbed and used in the body. Also most companies use inferior-quality minerals with nasty fillers and artificial flavourings. Every serving of Upgraded Formulas products has been optimised to be absorbed and provide faster-acting results so you have all-day energy without the crash, get more nutrients from the foods you eat, and balance your hormones. 
  •  Same dose but better results: Upgraded Formulas mineral supplements are packed with proprietary Nano Particle Minerals that are absorbed at a higher rate and come from a higher quality mineral delivering better results. 
  •  Stabilised nano minerals: The stabilised Nano Particle Mineral technology means that you will absorb 99.99% of Upgraded Formulas products. Even at smaller doses, their products are more effective than higher doses of other minerals on the market due to how well it is absorbed. 

  • 100 % natural, organic, gluten-free, keto & vegan friendly: This product is designed for the person who's health-conscious and tired of all the nasty fillers, artificial flavours, and stabilisers that so many companies use and sell. Upgraded Formulas products are as close to mother nature as possible. They've even taken that same all-natural stance with the bottles used at Upgraded too. They only use recyclable bottles without harsh chemicals, so your health is protected by what's in the bottle and by the bottle they use. 

Here are some scientific articles that support the benefits of Chromium in blood sugar and weight management:

  • Dietary Chromium Supplementation for Targeted Treatment of Diabetes Patients with Comorbid Depression and Binge Eating. 
  • Effects of Chromium Picolinate on Food Intake and Satiety. 
  • A Systematic Review of Dietary Supplements and Alternative Therapies for Weight Loss.

Upgraded Chromium Plus comes in a bottled liquid with a dropper. Dilute 1 dropperful (1mL) of the Upgraded Chromium Plus in a cup of water and drink. If you feel any discomfort on an empty stomach you can take prior to a meal or with a snack to help. 

Keep out of reach of children.  

Chromium (Nano Chromium Chloride)  

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 

Trace Minerals 

Manufactured by:
Upgrades Formulas, LLC
300 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas, 78704-1055

Imported by:
Functional Self Limited
20-22 Wenlock Road
London, N1 7GU
United Kingdom


Your questions answered

Upgraded Formulas recommend drinking a cup of water with your Upgraded Chromium Plus since it’s a liquid that comes in a dropper and is meant to be diluted. If you feel any discomfort on an empty stomach you can take prior to a meal or with a snack to help.

Yes, Upgraded Formulas recommend you take Upgraded Chromium Plus with a cup of water, however, if you do notice any discomfort try taking it 15-20 minutes prior to a meal or with a snack to help relieve discomfort.

Upgraded Formulas Nano Chromium Picolinate is a highly bioavailable form of the mineral. It is more absorbable than other types on the market. Nano Chromium Picolinate is in nanoparticle form enabling maximum bioavailability and measurable absorption.

Ascorbic Acid is just another word for Vitamin C. A little-known fact is that Vitamin C helps with chromium absorption and allows it to work more effectively in your body.

Answer: Yes, Upgraded Formulas has ensured that their products don’t contain common allergens and have gone to great lengths to make sure their product can fit in with anyone’s dietary restrictions or needs, whether keto, vegan, gluten-free or organic.

Every mineral on the market (except Upgraded Formulas) is too large for the human body to fully absorb and use in the body. Upgraded Formulas solved that absorption and particle size problem with their patented Nano Particle technology.

A Nano Particle Mineral is a mineral that’s been shrunk so the body can absorb the mineral without digestion and get quicker results. Other minerals are absorbed at a rate of 5%-20%, but Nano Particle Minerals are absorbed in a rate of 99.99%. Upgraded Formulas is the only company in the world that uses this technology with minerals.

Brad Johnston founding partner of Functional Self

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