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Vivobase - Car

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Vivobase - Car

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Special Price £216.75 Regular Price £255.00

15% off

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A handy device to shield yourself from harmful electrosmog and smart-device radiation.

  • Protection against non-ionising radiation regardless of the frequency level.
  • Harnesses the power of the Faraday’s cage.
  • Utilises the body’s own ability to create a protective shield.

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Vivobase - Car

Detailed product information

Protection against Electrosmog and Smartphone Radiation in Cars

All passengers in cars are defenselessly exposed to electromagnetic radiation from smartphones, Bluetooth, GPS, seat heating, and other sources. Vivobase Car helps to minimise the effects of harmful radiation. It’s also great for dorm rooms, personal offices, boats, and studio apartments with a range of 4m radius.  Must be plugged into a USB port to work.

Due to the effect of the Faraday cage, the radiation is additionally reflected and multiplied. The drivers/occupants of electric cars are exposed to additional electromagnetic smog from an electric engine. Even small exposure levels could lead to deterioration of general well-being, which especially poses a safety risk on long journeys. VIVOBASE CAR protects during each trip, by activating a natural protective shield and ensures that all passengers arrive rested and safe.

If you would like to see the scientific studies on Vivobase, please see their website: VIVOBASE

VIVOBASE CAR can be operated via a USB interface or the cigarette lighter. If preferred, it can also be installed using a bracket on the dashboard.

VIVOBASE CAR can be operated via a USB interface or the cigarette lighter. If preferred, it can also be installed using a bracket on the dashboard.


Your questions answered

Electrosmog is the word used to describe artificially generated fields of electricity, which are produce by technology. They alter the natural radiation conditions and electromagnetic fields of the earth.

The best way is to reduce the number of radiation sources you come into contact with as much as possible. By turning off your Wi-Fi router at night and using analogue phones (connected by cable) etc., and also by using VIVOBASE technology.

The number of studies available on the pros and cons of ‘electrosmog’ is impressive. Several scientific studies conclude that electrosmog causes damage to the human system. Of note here are the results of studies that address the opening of the blood-brain barrier and the formation of gliomas and acoustic nueromas. In fact, the state of knowledge we have access to is quite alarming. (An excellent overview of the results of the various studies available can be found on www.emf-portal.de.)

Many shielding measures are based on the principle of Faraday’s cage. This also applies to the interior of a car. The myriad sources of electromagnetic fields emitted by various components in a car multiply and bounce the radiation around the interior.

Since VIVOBASE technology utilises the body’s own ability to create a protective shield, these devices protect against all non-ionising radiation regardless of the frequency level.

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