In our fast-paced, always-on world, the traditional hour-long gym session can seem like an unattainable luxury. This is where micro workouts come in: short, intense bursts of physical activity designed to fit seamlessly into daily routines. Let's explore this innovative approach to fitness.


The concept of micro workouts isn't entirely new. Historically, our ancestors didn't have structured workout routines; instead, their daily lives required bursts of physical activity, whether hunting, gathering, or building. This natural rhythm of short, varied physical exertions is what micro workouts aim to replicate.


Micro workouts focus on brief, high-intensity exercises that engage various muscle groups. The idea is to maximise the benefits in a short span, making them perfect for those with tight schedules or those who find longer exercise sessions daunting.


Research has increasingly shown the potential benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The "Full-Body In-Bed Gym" is a testament to this, offering a series of bodyweight exercises aimed at enhancing the primary 200 skeletal muscles used in daily activities.


Benefits of Micro Workouts


• Flexibility: They can be done anywhere, making them ideal for frequent travellers or those without gym access.


• Efficiency: Their high-intensity nature means you're getting a lot done in a short time, potentially supporting muscle engagement and cardiovascular activity.


• Variety: With endless online resources and apps, there's always a new micro workout to try.


• Consistency: Shorter workouts may be less daunting, making it easier to maintain a regular exercise routine.


• Mental Boost: Engaging in quick workouts might offer a momentary change of pace, which some find helpful in navigating moments of stress or tiredness.


Incorporating Micro Workouts into Your Routine


• Morning Boost: Start your day with a quick series of exercises to awaken your body. After your workout, why not enjoy a cup of Bulletproof Coffee? With its blend of coffee beans and added fats, some people find it offers a different kind of morning pick-me-up, potentially setting a gentle tone for the day ahead.


• Lunchtime Lift: A midday micro workout can serve as a great break.


• Evening Wind-down: As the day draws to a close, it's a good time to engage in a gentle micro workout, signalling a transition from the day's activities. In our digital age, many of us spend our evenings in front of screens. If you're concerned about the effects of blue light from screens, you might consider trying blue-light blocking glasses in the evening. Brands like True Dark and BlockBlueLight offer glasses that are designed to filter out blue light, which some people find helpful for their evening routines.


• Desk Breaks: For those working long hours, micro workouts can be a great way to reduce the potential strain of sitting for extended periods.


• Family Time: Incorporate micro workouts into playtime with kids. This not only keeps you active but also encourages a healthy lifestyle for the younger ones.


Micro workouts offer a fresh perspective on fitness. While they don't replace longer, comprehensive workouts, they provide a practical way to stay active. By weaving these short, intense activity bursts into your day, you might find a rhythm that harmonises with your urban lifestyle.


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