We all know by now that probiotics are good for our gut flora – promoting healthy bacteria in the gut can lead to better digestion, skin, mental state and much more.

What about the healthy bacteria on our skin? From a young age we bathe daily, even now sometimes twice a day depending on gym routines. Using anything from soap to body wash, and most of us probably still shower under ‘hard water’ full of chemicals that will kill off pretty much anything. Does this sound like you? Have you thought about whether your unfiltered shower and daily wash products are leaving your skin healthy or not?


The skin biome is a living ecosystem of trillions of microorganisms that has carefully evolved to keep us healthy. With the skin being our body’s largest organ, the biome is nurtured from the moment we’re born, passed down to us from our mothers, and has been constantly evolving since – by way of our environment, interaction with nature, and lifestyle.

Mother Dirt’s mission is to create products that enhance and protect the skin biome.

There was once a time that AOB (Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria) would have populated our skin microbiome naturally, converting irritating components of our sweat (ammonia & urea) and turning them into by-products that bring benefits to the skin. Nitrite – which helps keep bacteria in check and Nitric Oxide – is an antioxidant that calms and soothes the skin.

AOB consumes components of our sweat, so they are super happy when it comes to areas where there is a high density of sweat glands (scalp, underarms, palms, groin and feet). AOB are also naturally regulated by the amount of sweat the body produces.

The presence of AOB on your skin is important and it can help to reduce your dependence on conventional products like soaps, moisturisers – and even deodorants (we recommend testing this instead of just going cold turkey on it though! Ewww…).

Not being able to repopulate lost AOBs may cause longer term challenges for your skin, particularly it’s defence system. That’s why there’s no time like the present to start the repopulation, and the best time to apply AOBs is after showering (under filtered water!), using conventional products, or swimming pools.

Just think how many challenges your skin biome is facing – struggling to survive the antibacterial soap and gel age, having to battle the chlorine and other chemicals that make up our bath and shower water, living in an urban environment – all that and then not being able to re-establish itself from a natural habitat!

Restoring and maintaining beneficial bacteria is definitely the key to healthy skin, and is a great step to an even healthier lifestyle. We need to embrace the skin for the living ecosystem it is and help it reconnect with the balanced state that it once had.

Rethink your skin now.